At Euclid Program Managers we are committed to investing in the local community. We, in conjunction with our sister company Oxford Bank, have formed a partnership with Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity and are committed to using our resources to provide affordable housing.  As you will see from the stories below we have been fortunate enough to be able to work alongside some amazing families as they become homeowners.

The Uwamhoro Family

Habitat Groundbreaking Uwamhoro Family Uwamahoro family Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity home

Both from Eastern Africa, Theo and Odette Uwamhoro have worked hard to make America their home. Neither Theo nor Odette have any family in the area, but are quickly building one of their own. Odette is a stay-at-home mom to one-year old daughter, Odila, with the couple’s second child on the way. Since 2008, Theo has worked full time as a machine operator at Berry Plastics. During this time he has been able to provide for his family and work towards their goal of owning their own home.

They understand the importance of changing a neighborhood and community one family at a time, saying, “Our neighbors are just as important as our family is to us. When we are in trouble, our neighbors can save our lives.”

Partnering with the Uwamhoro family was a no-brainer for Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity. Theo and Odette jumped right in. They participated in our 26-hour financial training course, Financial Peace University, and have worked on the job sites to complete Sweat Equity hours. They can’t wait for the day when they can move their growing family into a home that they can call their own.

The Gomez Family

Gomez Family Gomez Family Ground Breaking Gomez Family Home

Clara and Mark Gomez’ family began their Habitat journey in 1997. After seeing their friend partner with a Habitat affiliate in Nebraska, Clara, Mark, and their four children set out to explore the same opportunity. With Clara, Mark, and two of their children living with hearing impairment and deafness, their journey was unique but life changing nonetheless.

The Gomez family needed a place to settle down with their sons, who were at the time ages 16, 14 and 8, and daughter who was 6. It was crucial for Clara and Mark to find a safe and respectable place to raise their family, and thankfully in 2008, they found a solution through Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity. Homeownership has given the Gomez family unmeasurable opportunity, and exposed their children to responsibility and possibility.

Now having lived in their home since 2008, Clara mentions that it is much more than a house- it is an opportunity to live peacefully and for that they feel incredibly blessed. The family now enjoys life comfortably, while patiently looking forward to the future of “grandparent-hood.” Partnership with FVHH hasn’t just impacted Clara and Mark, but their children, and future grandchildren, making it three generations who have and will be directly impacted by their partnership with Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity.

The Brown Family Home

Brown Family Home

Roy Brown grew up in a Habitat for Humanity home with his mother, and the organization played a big role in his life when he was a young boy. After moving from a rough part of town where it was normal to see drug dealers on the corner into their new house, Roy began to feel safe and secure knowing that they had a home of their own. So years later, when he was given custody of his children, he decided to apply for a Habitat home through Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity.

At the time that he applied, Roy was a full time student in nursing school and had just received full custody of his 4 children, ages 15, 14, 9 and 5. The whole time that we were building his home, everything seemed to be happening at just the right time for the family. He graduated from nursing school and is now a registered nurse able to provide financially for his family with a good home that provides stability for his children.

Since moving in January of 2007, Roy’s children have excelled in school and have taken pride in their home. Just knowing that they have a clean, warm place to call home everyday instead of a small cramped apartment has given them more than they could ever imagine. Roy’s children are doing great. The two older children are attending college and their two younger siblings are in high school. About his home, Roy says, “It seems as though my house has become the neighborhood refuge for children whose parents are not there for them after school. Sometimes when I get home after work, there are at least a half a dozen teenagers lounging around and hanging out instead of running the street.” Not only has Roy’s home built a better life for his family, but one for his community as well.

The Ziegel Family

Habitat Groundbreaking Ziegel Family Ziegel Family Habitat HomeZiegel Family Home Ziegel Family Habitat Home

In 1998, Barb Ziegel packed up the life she once knew in Florida, and made her way to Illinois with her two daughters, Karina and Mariah. Barb knew her family needed a home and when someone suggested partnership with Habitat for Humanity, homeownership became a priority. Unfortunately, due to insufficient income, she was denied the first two times she applied. While this may be a trying and discouraging experience for most, Barb used it as motivation. She worked hard to reestablish herself and applied again in 2000. Because of her tenacity and commitment to her family, the Ziegel family finally began partnership with Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity.

Barb recalled the moment that she received her acceptance phone call and stated that she was completely “beside herself.” She made it her mission then to learn more about Habitat and make the best out of her experience. She found a new passion in advocating for herself and received many in-kind donations that contributed to her home building. Barb played an active role in the construction of her home and on May 25, 2005, Barb, Karina, and Mariah finally attained a decent, affordable and respectable place to call home.

The Ziegel family’s living situation wasn’t the only thing that improved, their entire outlook and quality of life has completely shifted. Barb is finally at a point on her life where she is stable and living contently with what she has. Both her daughters are away attending college and Barb is working and providing a comfortable income for her family. The involvement in her own home evolved to becoming the FVHH Volunteer Coordinator and Development Support. Her personal experience is a useful tool in ensuring other families, much like her own, have the same opportunities to grow and thrive.

The Jeffries’ Home

Jeffries Family Habitat Home Wall Raising     Jeffries Family Habitat Home BuildJeffries Family House

Fourteen years ago, Ms. Essie May Jeffries left her government assisted housing for a respectable and affordable home. Essie May learned of Habitat for Humanity from a FVHH Homeowner, and was encouraged to apply for partnership. She was accepted into the program and her family’s life changed forever. Her three daughters, who were then 19, 21, and 27, were just beginning their lives with their young children.

The Habitat partnership program has given Essie May and her family a place to call home and raise their children. Her grandchildren are now 24, 23, 21, and 20, and understand how greatly their lives were impacted 14 years ago by being brought up in their own home. Homeownership has not just affected Essie May’s life individually, but the lives of generations to come. Essie May has changed the cycle of poverty and set an example for her children and grandchildren.

When asked about her journey to homeownership, Essie May recalls on the memories of her home being built. She took the opportunity to thank Oxford Bank and Euclid Insurance for making the construction of her home possible. The generous donations from Oxford Bank and Euclid Insurance have helped to make her dream of homeownership, a reality.