Within the Euclid organization are a number of program managers who underwrite specialty property casualty business. Most of these operations are separate corporations that are jointly owned by Euclid and the insurance professionals that run the business.

Under this unique model, Euclid partners with best-in-class underwriters who invest their money and talent and become equity owners in their own program. Euclid will take them to market to find an insurance carrier and will assist in negotiating a program administrator agreement. Euclid then wraps its well-oiled administrative services – accounting, information technology, human resource, underwriting support services – around the company, allowing the owner underwriter to run his or her company with focus and efficiency.



There are four requirements that must be met before Euclid will partner with someone. These requirements are thought of as pillars, as they are necessary to support a successful operation.

The partner professional must be a best-in-class underwriter. He or she must operate in a specialty class of business that lends itself to the program approach. The partner must bring an established distribution network to the operation. Finally, and most importantly, he or she must be a person who adheres to the highest ethical standards.

partner requirements