Partner Model

Our collaborative partnerships begin with finding the right fit

When we explore a potential relationship, Euclid and our prospective partner will go through an immersive compatibility process. We look to fully understand your business niche and aspirations. We also want you to understand our approach and deep commitment to the process. Finding the right fit and plan is the foundation for our successful collaboration.

We have four key pillars that need to be met in order to move forward with Euclid.

Superb Underwriters

Our partners must have a passion for their profession. They must love the underwriting business and see themselves as leaders in their specialized area of expertise.

Narrow Niches

Our partners must be focused on deep, narrow niches that are unique and require expert hands-on underwriting. A partner’s specialization is key to a successful partnership.

Broker Relationships

Our partners must have a dedicated broker following, with intimate and established relationships. We will add to them, but a partner’s connections are the groundwork for us working together.

Highest Ethical Standards

What’s most important to us is partnering with underwriters of the highest ethical character. The industry has come to trust the Euclid name and reputation. We uphold this trust with our integrity and expect the same from our selected partners.

Diagram of the four pillars of the Euclid Partner Model including Superb Underwriters, Narrow Niches, Broker Relationships, and Highest Ethical Standards.

Together we will spend time exploring these four pillars to ensure the right fit.

Our mutual goal is to launch a highly specialized MGA with a clear path for personal satisfaction and fulfillment for our program partners, lasting success for the new business, and profitability for all parties in our broader partnership.

When we choose to collaborate with a new partner to launch their business, we surround them with our own expertise, which includes our proven capabilities in accounting, information technology, human resources, and underwriting support services. We provide these well-organized administrative services through Euclid Insurance Services, Inc. (EIS). This support allows our partner to run their company with focus and efficiency.

Euclid Program Managers Partner Model Diagram. A circle housing the Underwriting LLC, EIS, and Managing Partners, surrounded by a outer circle divided in seven sections: Market Access, Branding & Marketing, Information Technology, Support Services, Human Resources, Accounting, Compliance.

With this model, and by collaborating every step of the way, Euclid has built and continues to strengthen our family of MGAs, along with our partners. Our success also sustains the valuable partnership we enjoy with our carrier relationships.